Nepali Army's 'Mountain Clean-Up Campaign' yields significant results


Kathmandu: Nepali Army has concluded its Mountain Clean-Up campaign-2024, removing a staggering 11,000 kilograms of waste from the pristine peaks of Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse. The initiative, bearing the slogan “An Endeavour to Save the Himalayas,” not only tackled environmental degradation but also addressed the solemn duty of retrieving the remains of fallen climbers.

During a poignant flag-in ceremony held in Kathmandu on Wednesday, coinciding with World Environment Day, the Nepali Army commemorated the success of the campaign under the banner of the Safa Himal Campaign-2024.

Addressing the gathering at the closing ceremony, Chief of the Army Staff Prabhu Ram Sharma underscored the significance of the endeavor, emphasizing that its impact transcends mere statistics of waste collected. He lauded the campaign’s broader achievements, both preceding and succeeding the 55-day operation, highlighting the nation’s unwavering commitment to global environmental conservation.

“While approximately 11 tons of garbage, four abandoned human bodies, and one skeleton were collected during this campaign, its significance extends far beyond mere numbers. This initiative serves as a testament to our collective dedication towards safeguarding our natural heritage,” remarked Sharma.

The deployment of over 10,000 troops for environmental protection purposes in a country boasting nearly a lakh troops reflects a pioneering example of proactive engagement in conservation efforts, noted Sharma. Such endeavors, he stressed, are a rarity for the military but underscore the institution’s adaptability and versatility in confronting contemporary challenges.

Moreover, Sharma emphasized that the Safa Himal campaign not only served as a clean-up drive but also equipped the Nepali Army with vital skills for managing calamities and other exigencies in the treacherous Himalayan terrain. Given the mounting threats posed by climate change, the campaign assumed added complexity, as melting glaciers exacerbate environmental hazards.

The Nepali Army’s unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, epitomized by the Mountain Clean-Up campaign, stands as a testament to the nation’s resolve in protecting its natural heritage for future generations.