Alert issued for extreme heat waves in Western Terai regions of Nepal


Kathmandu: The Meteorological Forecast Division (MFD) has issued a crucial alert for potential extreme heat waves in the western Terai regions of Nepal. This advisory comes as several areas in the Terai regions of Sudurpashchim and Lumbini provinces have experienced scorching temperatures, with readings soaring to 40 degrees Celsius or higher in recent days.

Specifically, on Tuesday afternoon, temperatures peaked at 42°C in Dhangadhi, 41°C in Nepalgunj, and 39°C in Dipayal, prompting concerns from meteorological experts. Based on meticulous analysis of temperature patterns nationwide for the upcoming days, the MFD has forewarned of the looming threat of extreme heat in the Terai regions.

Residents are urgently advised to brace themselves and undertake necessary precautions, as hot winds and heat waves are anticipated to persist over the next three days, spanning from June 29, 2024, to July 1, 2024.

As part of precautionary measures, individuals are strongly urged to minimize exposure to hot winds by staying indoors or seeking refuge in cooler environments during peak daytime hours.

Additionally, wearing lightweight, breathable cotton clothing, covering the head with a hat or scarf when venturing outdoors, and maintaining hydration by consuming ample water and fluids like juice or sherbet are recommended strategies to combat the oppressive heat.

With the well-being of residents at the forefront, it is imperative for everyone to remain vigilant and heed the advice provided by meteorological authorities to safeguard against the potentially hazardous effects of extreme heat. Stay tuned for further updates and adhere to precautionary measures to ensure personal safety during this period of heightened heat risk.