Nepal-South Korea relations flourishing with diverse collaborations


Kathmandu: In a dynamic stride towards enhancing bilateral ties, South Korea has been extending various forms of support to Nepal, fostering growth in multiple sectors. Celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and South Korea, Ambassador Park Tae-yong has highlighted the burgeoning collaborations during an interactive session with journalists today.

South Korea has been notably assisting Nepal in key sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and governance. Ambassador Park emphasized that the support extended to Nepal stands out as a benchmark compared to assistance provided to other countries. He pointed out the Employment Permit System (EPS) agreement signed in 2007, which has facilitated over a million Nepali citizens securing employment in South Korea.

Presently, Nepali laborers are actively engaged in production-oriented sectors, agriculture, and maritime industries in South Korea. South Korea’s demand for annual labor importation from 16 different countries has Nepal leading the list. The economic relationship between Nepal and South Korea was formalized on May 15, 1974, marking the inception of diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Moreover, South Korea’s collaboration with Nepal extends to research, transportation, tourism, and various developmental arenas, contributing significantly to Nepal’s economic growth and infrastructural development.

This deepening cooperation underscores a promising trajectory in Nepal-South Korea relations, paving the way for further mutual growth and prosperity.