Health Ministry urges public to take precautions against Tarai region heatwave


Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a stern warning to citizens, urging them to proactively safeguard themselves against the relentless heatwave currently engulfing the Tarai region. The warning comes as temperatures continue to soar, posing significant health risks to residents.

Heatwaves, characterized by a multitude of adverse effects, including rapid heartbeat, respiratory complications, plummeting blood pressure, profuse sweating, intense headaches, vertigo, nausea, among others, are becoming increasingly prevalent across the region.

Dr. Bimal Chalise, the esteemed chief consultant at Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, has shed light on the perilous consequences of the scorching temperatures on Tarai settlements. He emphasized that these communities are particularly vulnerable to the debilitating effects of heatwaves.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Dr. Chalise underscored the potential impact of heatwaves on the human brain, emphasizing the urgent need for the public to limit exposure to daytime heat as much as possible. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can lead to dehydration, exacerbating conditions affecting vital organs such as the kidneys and heart.

In light of these imminent dangers, health authorities have urged citizens to adopt preventive measures promptly. Recommendations include staying indoors during peak daytime temperatures, remaining hydrated, and avoiding strenuous outdoor activities. Vigilance and adherence to these guidelines are paramount to mitigating the adverse effects of the ongoing heatwave.