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Controversial statement of Manoj Muntashir: Nepal was part of India


Kathmandu: Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer of the Indian film ‘Aadipurush’, has given a controversial statement over Nepal and India.

During an interview with Indian television Aaj Tak, he falsely mentioned that Nepal was separated from India only in 1904. Until then, Nepal was a part of India.

“I have not been able to understand the objection of Nepal. Back then Nepal as a part of India and we have derived the story from that period of time. Nepal got separated from India only in 1903 or 1904,” he said explaining about the objection Nepal raised about the ‘Aadipurush’.

There is a dialogue in ‘Aadipurush’ saying ‘Sita is a daughter of India’. It is being criticized a lot in Nepal.