Yatri Motorcycles registered as first 'Made in Nepal' vehicle


Kathmandu: Yatri Motorcycles has been registered as first ‘Made in Nepal’ vehicle company. One year after it was made public, the Yatri got registered legally on Monday.

Yatri is the first electric motorcycle company of Nepal that officially started commercial business in Nepal.

Earlier, Yatri could not expand the market due to lack of registration system for vehicles produced in Nepal.

After getting a lot of criticism from public, Nepal government amended the law to allow locally manufactured and assembled vehicle registered under the government.

With the registration of P-1 bike with the number ‘Bagmati Pradesh 02 Ba 43 P 8650’ at the Transport Management Office, Gurjudhara (Motorcycle), Yatri will become the first company to be registered among the vehicles produced in Nepal.