Most of the public vehicles in the valley failed the pollution test


Kathmandu: Most of the public vehicles in Kathmandu Valley have failed the pollution test.

On Friday, when the Department of Environment, Metropolitan Traffic Police and the Department of Transporation Management conducted pollution testing of vehicles with pollution measuring devices, it was found that most of the vehicles failed the pollution test.

In the pollution test of 54 vehicles conducted by the department today, 38 vehicles were found to have failed, while only 16 vehicles passed the test.

Along with vehicle pollution, the traffic police also checked mechanical condition and documents of the vehicle. According to the transport system procedure, even now, every rental vehicle must undergo a technical inspection of the vehicle every 6 months.

A mandatory condition of such inspection to be done at the transport office is the pollution inspection report. From now on, every big and rental vehicle must carry a report of pollution test.

Similarly, small and medium-sized vehicles should undergo such a check once in one year. In which the report of pollution inspection has been made mandatory.